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Streamline and grow your business with a partner who provides the complete solution, from hardware to interactive services on a lightning-fast network. Alula is the modern approach for your new installs, system retrofits, and upgrades.

One app does it all

Just one app gives customers the visibility and control they need to stay safe, protect their property, and create a comfortable environment they love.

Far more than a basic control panel, the Alula App helps security and automation pros quickly fit their expertise to their customers’ digital, on-the-go lives.

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Motion-capture events send text alerts in-the-second so your customers are always in the know. Recall any video clip from the cloud with a quick calendar view.

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Upgrade any new or existing system, quickly adding automated locks, lights or thermostats. Stand above old school security with Z-Wave device control in the Alula App.

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Interactive Services

A seamlessly integrated app combining security, video and automation on a lightning-fast, encrypted network.

Video Doorbell

Greet house guests from the phone, foil a porch pirate… you get the picture. From anywhere.

Video Cameras

See what you’ve been missing. Indoor and outdoor cameras complete your system.


View every device on the network, see and control each camera. The interface mirrors the Alula App.

Door/Window Sensors

Compact, wireless, long-range sensors install without drilling, setup the security envelope quickly.

Motion Sensors

Give a view on every room. Ignores pet movement and scans for every bump in the night.

Life Safety

Ultra-reliable, Multi-role sensors protect against carbon monoxide, fire and water damage.

Extended Perimeter

Protection beyond a front door. Add early warning zone for long driveway, outbuilding or pool gate.

Garage Doors

Durable tilt sensors tell when someone left the garage door up.

Introducing Alfred: A smart home touchscreen deadbolt for your door.

Making your smart home smarter.

Alfred believes in using technology to make life at your house safer and easier. So you can be ready for anyone: guests, tenants, family members, tradespeople – even at a moment’s notice.

He’s always standing by.

A motorized deadbolt offers a smooth and secure operation.

And a convenient app allows you to use your phone to unlock Alfred remotely and monitor who’s coming and going.

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Accelerate the growth of your business. Become an Alula Pro Program member and stay informed, up to date, and ahead of your competition.

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