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Visitor Management

VisitorPass Solutions

VisitorPass Solutions

Easy Lobby

Easy Lobby

Visitor Access Control Software

Having visitors at your business is a daily part of running a successful company. Potential clients, employees, partners, and even family members will regularly be coming to your place of business. Most companies will have a basic electronic visitor sign-in or attendance management system, but sometimes this is not enough.

Your top priority is keeping your business safe. That’s why sometimes the next step is needed. We offer high-tech solutions to your visitor management needs. Biometric security including biometric authentication, sensors, and biometric scanners will help you stay safe and secure. Fingerprint scanning software such as a fingerprint attendance system will let you know who is inside your company premises, and at what time.

Let us handle all of your visitor management needs with the top brands in the industry.

Visitor Pass Solutions

Like their name suggests, Visitor Pass Solutions provides high-quality visitor solutions. “Security you can see” refers to their products that show who is and isn’t authorized to be in your building. Their self-expiring badges change color to show that they are no longer valid. They can provide permanent or temporary visitor passes. Based out of Farmington, CT, this company has a long history of customer satisfaction.


Based in Redwood City California, and with over a decade and a half of experience, Jolly is a company that high-quality, innovative products and services. They provide ID flow, asset management, inventory tracking, and of course high-quality visitor tracking to make sure your lobby is safe and secure.

Easy Lobby

Easy Lobby® Secure Visitor Management streamlines visitor enrollment and increases the safety of your facility by cross-referencing visitors against felony databases. They provide security systems that ensure that your facility is as safe and secure as possible.