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With STid Architect series readers and STid Mobile Access phone app, it’s convenient for people to use their smartphones for access control. Smartphones can now be used for access control at up to 10 to 30 feet or can be used more traditionally utilizing the STid Mobile Access phone app like a physical card.

The free STid cloud portal delivers a secure access credential to a smartphone, enabling the phone to behave like a typical access card or smartphone as a badge when presented. In turn, the reader passes the credential to the existing access control system for authentication as with a typical access badge. Retrofit virtually any existing access system by simply replacing the existing readers with STid Mobile Access, Bluetooth readers or augment most existing Wiegand readers with to conform to OSDP standards. That’s correct, virtually any existing Wiegand access system can be easily upgraded to work with STid credentials. And credential issuance has never been easier, simply log into the STid Mobile Portal, enter the desired badge number, and email the Mobile Access Credential to the desired user. Within minutes, the user downloads the STid Mobile app to their iPhone or Android Phone. STid Architect series products and all other series readers are available at Nodaccess Solutions Inc.

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